Aren’t You Curious?

Voice of Foster Care is a speech course leading to an oratory exhibition featuring young people who are aging out or have recently aged out of foster care.


"They have survived the system that produces 80% of inmates on death row. Now, as they age out of the foster care system, these 6 young men must face their greatest critics, a live, worldwide audience, watching as they step into their manhood and find their voices on stage. "Voices of Foster Care." Aren't you curious?"



Voices of Foster Care is a documentary about 6 young people, finding their voices as they prepare to age out of the foster care system in Atlanta, GA. 

Community members, artists, producers, and philanthropists have come together to help HIP INC train foster children in the essential skill of Public Speaking while expanding their options for a brighter future with this life-changing film. We will get to know these young people as our youth camera crew follows them from the homes and communities that have shaped them through their journey to a speaker’s podium. We will celebrate the journey and the victory of the moment they find their voices on stage., in a historical and life-changing documentary, created for public broadcast, called Voices of Foster Care. We want you to be part of this.

It is said that Public Speaking is the #1 fear of humankind. Even more frightening is POOR COMMUNICATION!  The inability to communicate effectively can define your entire existence. As small children, when we are unable to communicate, we throw tantrums and cry. As adults, when we are unable to communicate effectively, we make mistakes that can be devastating and irreversible. Through our intensive program, we will hammer home the skills youth need to speak effectively in both public and private life. At HIP we believe oration is among the most essential skills necessary for achieving quality and fruitful human relations and for reaching educational and career goals. The power of speech can move men to war and to peace; to love or to hate. The words we say and how we speak them to family and friends, coworkers and enemies can define our futures.



Seldom in our history have Americans caught the awesome glimpse of how truly powerful the art of oratory can be. But, in 2008, a little known senator with the gift of gab, changed American history with a series of public speeches built on three simple words: “Yes, we can.” Today we call this African American man “the first African American President of The United States of America.” With the appointment of Barack Obama into the presidential office, there is no doubt that most young people can achieve just about anything, when they have opportunity and options, and exercise dedication and perseverance. But, for foster children, opportunity does not often come calling. From the moment they are abandoned by parental abandonment launches a viral attack on their self-esteem; we propose self-confidence is the cure. We present public speaking as a resource for achieving this confidence. The power of speech is arguably the most important life skill any human can have. The man who can command an audience is prepared for non-violent confrontation and both family and community leadership.

For foster children, the statistics are cruel evidence that the decisions the young men will make in the next few months and years, will be crucial for them and for the community around them. Voices of Foster Care is a backboard assist for these young men and women who are more prepared for prison & life on the streets than they are to be letterman and laureates. Hip Hop history has proven a close relationship between young Urban People and words. They know the power to move a man to action, that lyrics can have because they know the music and have witnessed the rise of the lyrical mogul.  Public Speaking, we will show them, is but another level the age of tradition of storytelling, innate to us all. It will impress upon them how important their stories and their voices are. With this immersive self-esteem building program, we offer public speaking training, college campus exposure and film opportunity.


Please join us in creating a viral response to a problem that affects our entire community. By helping these young people to find their voices, you could be changing their futures and the futures of those they will encounter in this life. Your contribution of time and talents could not be more important to anyone than it is to the silent masses of foster children who suffer from abandonment issues that lead to prison, unplanned childbirth, drug addiction, communicable disease, domestic violence, poverty, inertia, homelessness, and mental illness. Please help us create a palatable platform for difficult conversations that will not only offer a life-altering opportunity to our young participants but will also help to educate and heal viewers of our film, around the World.

After successfully completing their training, the young people will be enveloped in college dormitory living for 3 days while preparing for our historical oratorical. Our Toastmasters will shine like beacons of hope for thousands of foster children as they exhibit their learned and applied public speaking skills on camera, for all of the World to witness. In partnership with the community and a broadcast network, we will produce a full 90-minute Documentary that will forever impact viewers in how they view these diamonds in the rough.


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